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Hi loves! Thanks for 200K 💕 What kind of new content do you want to see? Singing videos? Live streams? Giveaways? Photographer collabs? Give me ideas

Me walking into (and out) of your life ✨VOTE FOR ME DAILY for Maxim Canada pls. Link in bio 💕 #mcgcanada19

Everyone: What are you famous for? Me:

Do I look like a burnt chicken nugget? 🍗 comment if yes #CuteAndHappyNugget

Me: *posts a picture* Random dude: 😍😍😍 Whoever I’m dating: . @sheinofficial . . #shein Search ID 609438 ☺️ adii10 for 🤑

Instead of putting pins 📍on a map 🗺 to indicate where I’ve travelled 🧳 , I’m just gonna put pins on a map of where my catfishes 🐱 🐠 are created 💆🏼‍♀️

Who’s (whose??????) got the 🔑 to my ❤️ ? (haha get it? because my necklace has both a key and a heart lool) #NoOneTakesPhotosOfMeSoHereIsMyThirdSelfi

A boy wrote a song for/about me and now it’s on @johnnyorlando latest album 🤩 Guess which song it is ! 📸: @_alisaremi #AmIGettingPaidToPostThis #No

I watch dog videos before bed and my favourite ones are where dogs have a human reaction when their owner stops petting them and I love this because I

Got this belt from @thenorthhypecollection , hit him up for all your designer 👜 and streetwear 👟needs 💯 #HiMTVandWelcomeToMyCrib

In a perfect world, where would you want to live? I want to stay in Toronto, minus the cold ❄️ @sheinofficial #shein #ad . . Search ID 544917 for my

3 words that describe you? Mine are the 3 F’s; fun, flirty & funny 🐧 💁🏼‍♀️ 📸: @_alisaremi

This one time I took a photo in front of a random house, 2 hours from where I live and one of my followers recognized it as his friends house. How does

I only have one pose and this is it. Take it or leave it. Have you ever been to the @museelouvre ?

Happy 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣K followers 😋 many thanks 🥰 wild to think I had 10k one year ago 🎉 how long have you been here for? 👀 #the7to

Finally old enough to qualify for @bachelorabc cause I just turned 21 #Swipe

2 years ago, a guy matched with me AND MY CATFISH on tinder in the same week sksks #the7to

Name your favourite quality about yourself 🥰 Mine are my eyes and humour 🐘

Y’all the world is ending so if you like someone just tell them/me 🤪 comment who your crush is 👀 📸: @_alisaremi

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Asked my friend if she’d rather have love or a job, and she said “love doesn’t pay” LMFAOOOOO me (can someone hire me pls for the summer I promise I’m

Tag someone who needs more fruit in their diet 🍒 🍈🍑

Eternally grateful for the people I’ve met and the memories we’ve created. From living in an apartment with 8️⃣ other people I’ve laughed 🤣 drank 🍷and

I Louvre You

I know you didn’t sneeze, but this picture just blessed you 🙌🏻😇🙏🏻